The Secret World Of Numbers

The Secret World Of Numbers

Premiere – the 5th of May 2013

Publisher - Custom34 001

The album "The Secret World of Numbers" is a musical story about the fascinating world of numbers, which has intrigued mankind since ancient times. Pythagoras and his followers signed them moral and physical characteristics, they believed that even numbers are feminine and odd numbers are male. They were also convinced that some numbers are inherently amicable, while others are evil by nature and they should be avoided. Pythagorean philosophy was a kind of a religion and mathematics was a tool through which it was possible  to discover the divine order of the universe.  One of the Pythagorean principles said that everything that exists is a number.
Feel invited to the journey into the fascinating world of numbers.
Patronage: TOP Guitar Magazine, Radio Kraków, Radio Wrocław, Radio PiK

Track list:

1. Intro
2. Hypercube
3. Messenger Of Peace
4. The Secret World Of Numbers
5. Tale Of Trinity
part 1
part 2
part 3
6. Peter Pan
7. Alien Form Of Life
8. Coffee And Cake
9. Warp 5
10. Right Here Right Now
11. Ode To Infinity


Piotr Wójcicki – lead and backing guitar
Piotr Łukaszewski – backing guitar
Tomasz Kupiec – bass, double bass
Marcin Kędzior – bass
Grzegorz Skotnicki – drums
Bartłomiej Herman – drums
Łukasz Sobczyk – drums
Rafał Widacha – keys, programming
Karol Pyka – keys

Tale Of Trinity

Right here right now

The Secret World Of Numbers

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