Moon City

Premiere - March 16, 2015

Publisher - ANDANTE media
Distribution - Warner Music Poland
This album is available only in Poland
The Secret World Of Numbers

Premiere – the 5th of May 2013

Publisher - Custom34 001

Magnetyczny Moment Protonu

Premiere – 2011

Publisher - Red Studio Pro


The Guitar Improvisation Handbook (Szkoła gitarowej improwizacji)

The aim of the handbook is to dispel the myths and stereotypes underlying the view that a comprehensive knowledge of theory is the esoteric pursuit of the chosen few and that, anyway, this can only be acquired in music schools and at colleges of music. On the one hand, it is a compendium of knowledge of the principles of music and harmony that presents theory in an easily-digestible form.

The ABC of Guitar Improvisation (ABC gitarowej improwizacji)
The aim of the tutor is to awaken and activate the musical potential, awareness and imagination in all of you. It does not matter what style of music you want to pursue in the future. The course supplies a great deal of valuable, practical information on improvisation in the style of artists from Joe Pass through Robben Ford to Steve Lukather. The first part is devoted to presenting basic topics. Here, the learners get to know the way the notes and sounds are arranged on the neck, find out what intervals are and see how chords are constructed.

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