With great pleasure I share with you information that Marek Balata accepted my invitation to cooperate. Marek except that it is one of the best jazz singers, he is also an excellent guitarist; our common performances will provide an opportunity to hear him also from that of another, somewhat surprising part. Our first joint concert was on the 27th of November 2015 in ŁDK, Łódź. 



The latest issue of the monthly "Fireworks" (#72) published a review of my album "Moon City". "Firefox" is on sale in the British Islands, US and Canada and subscribing over the World. 



We are pleased to present the music video from my newest album "MOON CITY" - "Stories From Old Treasure Chest".

This track is inspired by the story of my grandparents. After the war and changing of Polish territorial borders they decided to move and leave beloved Lvov, but they never stopped miss it. There is a song about their nostalgia for city of youth - but at the same time about my childhood, fairy fascinations that they had a chance to develop at home of grandparents.

Credits: Writer / Director / photos / editing - Jacek Dyląg
Assistants of director - Ola Marciniak, Peter Dyląg
Production - "Nieustraszeni Łowcy Dźwięków"
In the role of a girl - Nikola Kukurba, in the role of pianist - Daniel Kukurba.
Thanks for Niepolomice Castle and Korzkiew Castle for help in filming.
Golden guitar pick made Ade Art jewelery company



We are happy to announce that the album "Moon City" will be released by publisher ANDANTE MEDIA in the 16th of March 2015. There will be eight songs on it. The cover shows an art paint of Tomasz Sętowski.

Distribution: Warner Music Poland. CD will be available only on the territory of Poland.

Media Patronage: RMF Classic, Jazz Forum, JazzPress, AUDIO, TOP Guitar




First time met on a one stage - acoustic viola and electric guitar. What has happened, you can see on these movies from Muzyczna Owczarnia, 21.05.2014:






!!! NEW CD !!!

With great joy we share the latest news - recording third solo album in the recording studio Custom34 are in the process! It will have the title MOON CITY.  Take part in recordings: Cezary Konrad, Robert Kubiszyn, Tomasz Kukurba and Krzysztof Herdzin, which is the arranger and music producer. Guest will also play Piotr Lukaszewski, who is the executor of the recordings.


"Ode To Infinity" and our version "Pump" of Jeff Beck

from our gig in "Katofonia" Club, Katowice - 10/19/2013




Providence pedals demo!!

We invite you to watch on the official website and as well on their YouTube channel tests for guitars' effects which Piotr has recorded recently.




Cooperation with Free The Tone!

Another very prestigious brand - a Japanese manufacturer of excellent guitar effects and cables - Free The Tone has established cooperation with Peter. Welcome on board;-)

Free The Tone


The 5th of May - the premiere of CD "The Secret World Of Numbers" !!

We are happy to announce that the long awaited album "The Secret World of Numbers" will be released on the 5th of May ;-)) Media Patronage over it included: TOP GUITAR Magazine, and radio stations: Radio Wroclaw, Radio Krakow, Radio PiK.

It will be available for purchase in stores Saturn and MediaMarkt, as well as in the shop online on this website.

Please visit our page Music, where you can find a premiere tracks from the new CD.



Cooperation with PROVIDENCE!

Continued good news - the company Providence, the producer of excellent effects and guitar cables is another brand that Piotr Wojcicki involved for longer. Their reliable products are of the highest quality, most highly recommended for all guitarists.

Guitar Effects Pedals

Piotr Wojcicki has partnered with Guitar Effects Pedals - Polish company dedicated with import of guitar accessories from all over the World. The online shop offers a wide range of effects, amps, strings, cables, and all that is needed to be happy every guitarist;-)


Piotr in the circle of The GigRig Artists!

Piotr told about The GigRig:"Products TheGigRig have everything I need: they care about the quality of my sound, are easy to use and perfectly fed everything I have under my foot in the pedalboard. In the world there are many good Switchers, some companies wanted me to his side, but GigRig is the best!"


RICHTER Guitar Straps

The manufacturer of the highest quality guitar straps - a German company Richter took Peter Wójcicki his patronage!
The offer RICHTER has a very wide range of belts for guitars - in this a line of Luxury, which we particularly recommend.


Piotr in ANALYSIS PLUS Hall Of Fame!

With big pleasure we announce that Piotr has became the face of Analysis Plus - prestigious brand, known for its reliable cables.
We highly recommend this cables, they are really great!


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