Piotr Wójcicki is a graduate of the Faculty of Education, Interpretation and Jazz in the Academy of Music in Katowice in the classroom of electric guitar. He is a talented guitarist and composer. He creates instrumental music jazz joining smooth jazz, rock elements and  progressive rock, which is known as fusion. Peter smoothly balances between a strong, rock hit, and the soothing, lyrical mood, not steering clear of refined jazz.

Fluent in moving in a variety of musical stylistics he creates his own style, enriched with individual elements. As a result, it is instrumental music that combines variety of climates, highly assessed by the demanding audience, and its magic is shared  by an increasing audience circles. Peter as the only Pole is in an elite group of the world's best guitarists that are the official users of the most prestigious global brands producing guitar accessories such as  Providence, TheGigRig, Free The Tone, Analysis Plus and Richter.

They said about him:
"Piotr Wojcicki - a great guitarist and musician, tirelessly propagating the beauty of this instrument, the guitar. He also recently recognized as a talented author of music textbooks dealing with the difficult art of improvisation .... I recommend!".
Gregory Skawiński, guitarist

"Peter is the essence of craftsmanship, but also the style of guitar. Amazing blend of passion, talent, awareness and knowledge of music. And most importantly ... Cool guy."
Piotr Lukaszewski, guitarist, producer

"Versatile guitarist with the original, recognizable and individual style and the idea of ​​music and guitar. His playing combines many elements and a specific mixture of several elements. On the one hand, there is the energy that brings rock, but next to it you can hear the subtlety, awareness and the culture associated with the world of jazz, and a lot of bluess feeling ".
Mark Raduli, guitarist

"The richness of the mysterious "Secret World Of Numbers" reveals Peter Wojcicki as guitarist, which you can safely put in the company of other musicians, focusing our attention and stealing time for many years. And like them, Peter is not going to close himself  in the stylistic drawers, he has the courage to go after different staves, speaking through them on their passion. He should be praised for it. Because there are virtuosos both in our country and in the world in abundance. Younger and younger masters of the guitar get excellent master workshop, but the transmission of content via the heart strings, it's an entirely different matter. By the way ... even though there are so many guitarists around, guitar music is not touched upon on a daily basis.
Therefore, the presence of Peter Wojcicki's keep eyes and ears open on this world, in which the guitarist can be a technician but also a poet... where it goes after "technical support", a good producer, sentient in similar way musicians and in this manner open in front of listener the world, perhaps his world and perhaps common... creating a musical relationship between artist and listener. And yet so much we appreciate these places where you might want to stay for longer".
Adam Droździk, Radio PiK - Polish Radio Station

Before he decided to a solo activity, Piotr Wójcicki had collaborated with many other artists of the Polish music scene. His first author's album "The magnetic moment of the proton" was released in 2011, this music is often broadcasts on Polish Radio waves.

In addition to playing concerts, Peter conducts educational activities. In 2011 appeared his school DVD - "ABC Guitar Improvisation" (published by Publisher Absonic).
Is available for sale also his book, which focuses - like school DVD - with improvisation. Both items received very high marks and they are currently one of the most popular educational materials, which is based on the many schools of guitar. Piotr Wojcicki teaches an annual workshop on the legendary Music Szczawnica Owczarnia, together with leading Polish musicians.

Piotr Wojcicki leads his solo band that performs in concert repertoire with the author's albums. His third CD "Moon City" is waiting for the release. It was recorded with the participation of outstanding pianist, arranger and music producer Krzysztof Herdzin and leading Polish jazz musicians: bassist Robert Kubiszyn and drummer Cezary Konrad. On the album also played a phenomenal violist - Tomasz Kukurba.


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